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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall is Upon Us

I love fall! The summer heat has given way to cooler days, orange leaves, and the fall harvest. What can be more idyllic than apple picking or choosing a perfectly round pumpkin? I wanted to capture the beauty of fall, and for that I needed a handsome family (compliments of Aaron, Monika, Kimberly, and Kathryn), an apple orchard (Homestead), and a -cross your fingers- gorgeous fall day. Did I get it?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ms. Tracey

I had always thought of my friend Tracey as a girly girl, so it surprised me when she revealed she felt a stronger pull to her masculine side. I didn't think I had ever seen that side of her, since most of our recent conversations had revolved around boys and we frequently talked about going salsa dancing, although we really have only done that once. Tracey is a gorgeous girl, wears makeup and likes boys, so I was intrigued.

Having recently visited Kentuck Knob, one of Frank Lloyd Wright's homes and having seen some striking images of people just being themselves in the comfort of their homes. These were black and white photos of the family, but not posed or smiley or overly made-up. There was one image of the couple that I became obsessed with, drawn in by the intimate moment of a wife gazing lovingly at her husband while he looked intently and sternly ahead, arms crossed, with one hand ever so delicately holding his wife's hand. He sat in an ornate chair while she beamed over him like a spotlight. I never met these people, but I imagined he was a powerful attorney and loving husband, and she a sweet doting wife, with perfectly coiffed hair, perhaps a lady that lunches, both obviously lovers of fine art and architecture. I decided right there that my next photography project would be just as pure and captivating.

With Tracey's recent confession on my mind, and my new inspiration for a truly great portrait-no filters, actions, or mannequin smooth skin- I propositioned Tracey to sit for me. Behold Tracey's very cool, and still sexy Dude side.